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Running Insights remediation playbooks within Satellite 6.4

Amaya Rosa Gil Pippino published on 2018-10-17T10:30:01+00:00, last updated 2018-11-14T15:44:06+00:00

What’s all the fuss about Satellite 6.4?

Haven’t you heard the news? Satellite 6.4 gives you the ability to remediate your systems with Insights by executing remediation playbooks directly from the UI. How awesome is that?!


Let’s walk through the steps…

Insights Remediation within Satellite

In this blog, we’re going to identify and resolve issues with Insights, but this time from the Satellite UI (6.4 required), using Satellite 6.4’s new Ansible capabilities.

The first steps are the same as when using Insights in the Customer Portal, which you can read about in previous posts. In fact, the look and feel of the web-based app are exactly the same in the Satellite UI.

From the dashboard, you are able to identify the issues affecting your infrastructure at a glance, then jump to individual systems from the hyperlinks. Even the Insights menu is visible in the Satellite main menu.

Satellite Dashboard

Identifying actions

Like in the customer portal, you can see a list of actions along with the likelihood, impact, total risk, systems affected and whether there is an Ansible playbook solution for each of them.


And again, as in Customer Portal, clicking on an issue gives us a description, solution, assessment of total risk and risk of change, and impacted systems.

Actions available are create a plan / playbook or extend an existing one. This capability was already available on Satellite 6.3.

Insights Plan Creation

After you choose one of the actions, the plan builder pops up, just like in the customer portal.

Notice that it’s the exact look and feel for a better experience (coherence).

Creating the Plan

Insights Planner

Remediating your systems

Here is where all the fun comes!!!

When you save your playbook, you’ll see the same summary as in the Customer Portal. But now, there’s no download button, just a drop down menu in which we can choose between downloading, customizing, or running the playbook directly from Satellite UI---with no need to have an ansible server configured!!

Customize playbook

If you click on “Customize Playbook Run,” you can define parameters for when to run the playbook.

Playbook customization

When you run the playbook, a visual circle graph lets you know the status of the remediation. The Overview tab shows details about the playbook and the Hosts tab shows greater detail about the remediation on each host.

Playbook Status

All from the Satellite 6.4 UI!!!

Playbook Status OK

Yes; it’s as awesome as it sounds. With the click of a button, you can remediate issues on your systems right from the Satellite UI! So sit back and enjoy your safe day with a coffee!


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