Red Hat Insights: September 2016 archives

  • Stop taking aspirin to deal with headaches from troubleshooting network availability issues.

    Early in my career I was responsible for maintaining build machines for multiple software engineering teams. Those build machines not only built the actual binaries for the product but they also served up critical services leveraged by engineering teams across the company. Whenever we encountered networking issues with those machines, I distinctly remember opening my email inbox and being inundated with emails from coworkers complaining about problems connecting to those services. I had to...
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  • Sleep soundly. Insights has new rules to detect unexpected outages.

    Every system administrator knows the feeling of having to wake up in the middle of the night because a server crashed or lost connectivity. This is where Red Hat Insights comes in. Thanks to our expansive knowledge base, the Insights team has been able to identify several critical stability issues that could cause a system outage. Don’t let these issues catch you by surprise. Check out our latest stability rules here! Rule Description Reference The “rpmdbNextIterator” error exists in the...
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