Red Hat Customer Portal: What's New on March 25, 2014

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We're pleased to announce the following enhancements to our Customer Portal included with our updates published on March 25, 2014. These features, along with numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements, are now available to all users.

Red Hat Access Labs

We are proud to announce the addition of Red Hat Access Labs to the Red Hat Customer Portal. Red Hat Access Labs are the next evolution of subscription benefits fostered from innovation and the collaborative Red Hat spirit. Red Hat Access Labs are part of our ongoing effort to provide our customers with enhanced subscription value and continual improvements to the experience they have with our products.

For more information, see the previous announcement or go directly to the Access Labs blog.

New and Improved Product Pages

Our product pages are seeing continuous improvement, and with this release, we have modified the template styling and fixed a few bugs. These new product pages offer dynamic content, so you can access product-specific Knowledgebase content, discussions, videos, documentation, and more, all from the left-hand navigation. Look for more of these product pages in the near future.

Access to More Related Content

For some time now, the Related Content block on our Knowledgebase pages has included links to solutions. This release sees the addition of the article content type to this advanced search algorithm that is intended to point you to portal content that is closely related to the content you're viewing. You will see this in action when viewing content where related links are returned, such as this article.

Documentation Surveys

Another exciting feature that launched with this release enables you to provide direct feedback regarding your portal experience. By clicking on a link placed in specific portal areas (starting with product documentation), you can complete a short survey.

Wapps Updates

The Wapps team has a few updates from March 11 that deserve mention:

  • Improvements to the JBoss download options available in the left-hand navigation and dropdown menu at
  • Created a new evaluation terms page that needs to be displayed to all customers requesting eval access and which customers must accept before they can obtain access.
  • Updated the error message that appears when customers attempt to purchase from the store with a shipping address that is listed as a PO address (Fedex no longer supports this).

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