Red Hat's Level Up exclusive offers for customers

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Evolve your tech stack and boost IT operations

As a Red Hat customer, you have exclusive access to programs and offers that can help evolve your tech stack and boost your IT operations. And now, with the Red Hat Level Up Programs you can explore and adopt additional Red Hat technologies to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Whether you're looking to improve your cloud infrastructure, automate your IT operations, or secure your systems, Red Hat has a solution that can help. These programs are designed especially for customers who are using Red Hat technologies and are interested in expanding use. These programs are available for popular Red Hat products such as Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and Red Hat Satellite. Through these programs, you can gain access to resources and support that will help you make the most out of your Red Hat technology investments. Take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your return on investment and increase the value of your open source solutions.

Level Up OpenShift
One of the key benefits of Level Up is complimentary access to fully-supported Red Hat OpenShift. OpenShift is a platform for containerized applications that makes it easier for you to manage and deploy your applications across any cloud, on-premise or hybrid environment. With OpenShift, you can automate your application deployment, scaling and management processes, freeing up your IT teams to focus on other tasks. Level Up OpenShift provides current Red Hat customers with immediate access to fully-supported Red Hat OpenShift subscriptions at no cost for a limited time.

Level Up Ansible
The Ansible Automation Platform helps automate functions across your IT operations with a common platform that is agentless and ideal for automating multiple use cases within and across IT processes. Customers using this platform report “hours to minutes” improvement in the time it takes to complete their processes. With the Ansible Automation Platform, customers expand and manage complex hybrid cloud infrastructure, network, edge and security environments, gain visibility into operations, and integrate new technology and processes more effectively—from the datacenter, across clouds and to the edge. Learn more about how to automate every area of your business today.

Level Up Satellite
Finally, with Level Up Satellite, you can request a Red Hat Satellite demo. Satellite is an infrastructure management solution designed to provision and maintain your Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure wherever it resides—physical, virtual, cloud and edge. Satellite streamlines provisioning, patching and other repetitive lifecycle management tasks to increase efficiency while enhancing your security posture and keeping your systems available and compliant. If you are looking to maximize your use of open source solutions and take advantage of this exclusive offer, you can request a Red Hat Satellite demo or trial and get started today.

These exclusive offers are available for current Red Hat customers, so don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your tech stack and boost your operations. Visit the Level Up Program page today and start seeing the benefits of Red Hat's powerful open source solutions. Our team of experts can provide you with custom advice on how to make the most of your tech stack and help optimize your operations.

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