Announcing the release of Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.3

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We're pleased to announce the release of Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.3. AMQ Streams simplifies the process of running Apache Kafka on OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

What's new in AMQ Streams 2.3

AMQ Streams 2.3 uses Kafka 3.3.1.
AMQ Streams 2.3 on OpenShift is based on Strimzi 0.32.x.
AMQ Streams 2.3 on OpenShift is supported on OpenShift Container Platform 4.8 to 4.12.

AMQ Streams 2.3 on OpenShift features and enhancements

  • Automatic approval of Cruise Control optimization proposals
  • Support for multiple operations in ACL rule configuration
  • New cluster-ip type internal listener
  • Cluster Operator leader election to run multiple replicas
  • Rack awareness for Kafka Bridge pods is now supported
  • Kafka broker restart events
  • Pluggable pod security profiles
  • Configurable Kafka Admin client
  • Cruise Control capacity overrides

For more information on the AMQ Streams 2.3 features and enhancements, see the AMQ Streams 2.3 Release notes.

Technology previews

AMQ Streams 2.3 also introduces the following technology previews to try:

  • OpenTelemetry for distributed tracing
  • Kafka KRaft mode

Kafka KRaft mode is a technology preview for AMQ Streams 2.3 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For AMQ Streams on OpenShift, the feature is available as a developer preview.

Get AMQ Streams 2.3

Get AMQ Streams 2.3 on OpenShift container images from the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

Download AMQ Streams 2.3 installation files from the software downloads page.

AMQ Streams 2.3 documentation

For more information on AMQ Streams, see the product documentation.

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