Red Hat Customer Portal: What's New on November 23, 2013

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We're pleased to announce the following enhancements to our Customer Portal included with our update published on November 23, 2013. These features, along with numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements, are now available to all users.

New Private Groups

The Customer Portal groups have a new look and feel. If you were a member of a private group, you should find your transition to the new platform seamless. Groups, members, points, discussions, and comments have all been migrated. You can also now see a list of your group memberships on your user profile.

Updated Community Reputation Points

The first iteration of the new user profiles did not include points from previous interaction activities, specifically Knowledgebase comments. With this release, profiles and badges for all users should reflect accurate point counts.

Performance Enhancements

This release continued our efforts to improve Customer Portal performance. Content load times have been reduced, and we've increased the frequency of email notifications so that you can more easily stay informed of what's important to you.

Red Hat Subscription Management Enhancements

In addition to the general Customer Portal enhancements, there are a few Red Hat Subscription Management customer-facing release activities that deserve mention:

  • Subscription Utilization Pages: We redesigned the interface to separate Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic and Subscription Management data and added more details to the page for accurate tracking of virtual systems. See for more.
  • Mapping display: We now display the physical-host-to-virtual-guest relationship for a registered system, where the host displays a list of its virtual guests. The virtual guests display the host name.
  • Guest Tab: We added a guest tab to

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